Is a three years degree acceptable to study masters abroad?

Asked by Lavanya about 1 year ago

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Abhishek Ahluwalia

Abhishek Ahluwalia

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Actually you need a 4-year equivalent bachelor degree for masters abroad. Because each country has a different education system, you get to see differences in degree time. Like it's not just in bachelor. As you know, instead of a regular two-year masters, UK universities offer one-year masters. Similarly, it's very possible that two different countries have different course periods for bachelors.

In these cases to make everything standard, abroad universities simply ask for a 4-year undergraduate degree or specifically an equivalent one. So your three-year degree falls under this very ‘or equivalent’ section. A three-year bachelor is perfectly variable to study masters abroad. You can apply to countries like the USA and UK.

There are too many subjects in India that basically offer a 3-year long bachelor course. Since they are a lot in number, having restrictions on them won't be practical for universities abroad. This way, not many students will be able to apply for masters abroad, which is never too nice. So to fix everything up, universities abroad mention an equivalent degree requirement on their official program page.

However, a bachelor's is your only concern for studying masters abroad. You also need to focus some of our attention on standardized test scores. These include GRE/GMAT and a language proficiency test. Majorly, these things are needed as your application requirement, so don’t neglect these.

Did this clear your query? If not, leave down any questions that you may have in the comments below and I shall try to share the most relevant information with you.


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