Is there any possibility for me to study in the UK for free?

Asked by Karthik Kantamneni about 2 years ago

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Studying in the UK for free is surely a dream come true. But unfortunately, the best schooling comes with value. Studying in the UK for free is honestly a dream come true. But unfortunately, quality education comes with value. It does not come for free. However, you can apply for scholarships to reduce your monetary burden. Study Abroad Scholarships for faculties are a boon to global college students willing to Study in the UK. Although there are no Tuition Free Universities in the UK, there are many non-public and government scholarships for global students in UK. If you favor applying for a scholarship, here is the listing of scholarships (fully funded) to learn about in the UK.

Study in the UK for FREE

1. British Chevening Scholarships for International Students
British Ch evening Scholarships are commonwealth scholarships and are funded through the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office). It is a massive scholarship just for the number of awards to offer. Ch evening Scholarships are granted to greater than 1500 college students from 140 countries.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of Ch evening Country, the listing of 162 nations around the world.
  • Return to domestic US for a minimum of two years after the scholarship has ended.
  • Two years of work experience.
  • An Acceptance letter from the Universities in the UK.
  • English Language Proficiency Proof.

2. Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students
Gates is another one of the most prestigious Scholarships in the UK. It is awarded to academically strong students who are promising and are citizens of the Backyard of the UK.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Citizen of United States of America outdoor of the United Kingdom
  • Applying for Ph.D., MSc, or any full-time one-year postgraduate program

3. Clarendon Fund Scholarships at the University of Oxford
Not as massive as Chevening Scholarships, but Clarendon is any other prestigious scholarship for a wide variety of awards. Every year, more than one hundred forty scholarships are granted to college students from all around the world, who have strong tutorial backgrounds and show potential.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Outstanding Academic Background and Potential as a graduate student.
  • Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 January, annually.

4. Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships
Warwick Chancellor’s is allocated by a postgraduate research competition. It is available to all global students regularly occurring for any discipline for Ph.D.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be commonplace in a Ph.D. self-discipline offered at the University of Warwick.
  • Students already in the first year of their Ph.D. at Warwick can also apply.
  • No precise requirements, the scholar ought to be from the outdoors of the UK.

5. Westminster International Scholarships
Available to students from growing countries, each person can practice for Westminster International Scholarships, given that they are usually for a full-time Master’s application at Westminster.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be from the growing country listed in the eligibility standards on the scholarship website
  • Holds a provide to learn about a full-time master’s application at the University of Westminster.

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