Is there any chance of getting a good package job in India after completing MS in Canada?

Asked by Deeksha reddy over 1 year ago

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Faisal Mohdd

Faisal Mohdd

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Unless you have a degree from a top-tier institution or one of the top 10 universities, such as the University of Toronto or McGill University, your typical Master's degree from Canada is not thought to have much value. These institutions treat an MS or MBA as being on par with another M.Tech or M.Sc from an average or good institution, as well as any university in India. Therefore, it's time to alter your perception if you think your Master's degree from India is precious and can easily land you a job here.

You are out of luck if you recently earned an MS or an MBA from a regular Canadian university and are looking for work in India without any prior experience. Unfortunately, if you have an M.Tech. or M.Sc., India will treat you as a fresher. Your career possibilities as a recent graduate with a master's degree from the USA are the same as any M.Tech. or MCA degree holder who has had difficulty finding employment off campus.

Additionally, the majority of top-tier organizations hire first-year students through on-campus recruiting. Thus, since you did not attend school in India, you will not have the option of being chosen by top-tier companies. The fact that you might not have a network of Indian freshmen friends who can assist you with walk-in interviews and other job hunting information puts you on your own is another drawback. It would help if you only used online applications for jobs and personal recommendations.

Said, if you have an MS from Canada and are a newbie, your career possibilities in India are relatively limited, and you face a lot of competition. Competing in India against a sizable pool of Masters's degree holders is not the best choice. Also, if you think you worked on campus, here is something else to consider. Most of the time, because you were a full-time student, your on-campus employment is not genuinely seen as a meaningful work experience by many Indian companies.

In India, obtaining work experience is crucial to landing a job.

More specifically, relevant work experience in the industry you are applying to. The number of years of job experience in a particular sector is all that recruiters consider. For example, suppose you are applying for a position as a developer or tester in the IT industry. In that case, the recruiter will look at your expertise as a developer, specifically as a developer of that technology, such as Java, C++, Android, etc.

To be hired in India, you must have relevant experience in your field; else, you will be up against everyone else who has just graduated. Therefore, before returning to India, try to take advantage of CPT, OPT, and STEM OPT to gain work experience.


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