Is the King's University of Edmonton a good university to study Bachelors in Computer Science?

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Faisal Mohdd

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1. The campus of King's University
The King's University campus sprawls in Alberta's capital city's rich natural surroundings. In addition, the Treaty Six territory, believed to be the traditional homeland of different ethnic communities, is not far from the university. As a result, King's University is one of the best universities offering a Bachelor's in Computer Science.

Some of the significant buildings on the campus created especially for students include the Tower Suites, Gerry Segger Heritage Collection, King's Academic Enrichment Centre, and the King's Micah Centre for Social Justice. Several social and cultural events are organized by student organizations, departments, or faculties on campus. All students who need therapy for issues related to stress, mental health, or trauma can receive it for free from the student life department. The finest resource for kids who are struggling is the Academic Enrichment Center.

2. Housing for The King's University
On-campus residential services are offered to students, including apartments, Tower rooms, and Tower suites, in addition to other amenities.

The tower rooms, which are in the middle of campus, are typically set aside for new students. Most of the time, students are given double occupancy rooms, although depending on availability, single and triple occupancy rooms may also be given to students.

Tower Suites are the newest dwelling on the second and third levels of the current tower building. They function as roomy areas with substantial eating areas, two bedrooms, and adjoining bathrooms.
Senior year students are only allowed in the apartments across the main street from the school. They are furnished and have lots of storage space.

3. Alums of The King's University
Over 6500 graduates make up the sizeable alumni network of King's University. The university's working body for alums is in charge of widening the circle of influence and overseeing the academic and cultural events on and off campus.

Getting involved with the alma mater has many benefits, including:

  • 2 CAD is required to participate in any sporting events.
  • Access to the Simona Maaskant Library requires a NEOS card.
  • Publications and other electronic sources are readily available.
  • Unlimited free transcripts
  • T2202A tax receipt copies and diploma parchments
  • 15% off of hotel room rentals
  • Membership to the gym costs 50 CAD.
  • financial advantages of Christian Credit Union

I hope this has cleared your doubt. If you have more concerns, feel free to ask.


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