Is the Data Science course Udemy any good?

Asked by Rohit Sen almost 2 years ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

Serial Tech Entrepreneur | Blockchain Dev & Advisor | Public Speaker I Cyber Security Researcher| AI

I don’t mean to seem negative but I believe that a specialized full-time master program is better. Data Science courses on Udemy are good now doubt, it's just that the subject is not as technical as you may think which can be all taught online.. See, there are many elements that affect a course like data science. If you just choose a good course without knowing its best options, it's no use.

If you already don’t know, data science is one of the most famous professions in all developed countries. This is obviously because of the growing tech and business industry across the globe. Therefore, instead of doing an online course in data science, I suggest aiming for a university abroad with good data science courses.

Now, apart from the academics, the other features are very much important. Like degree value, ties and connections, network and exposure. This is one of the reasons why millions of international students aim for these big universities abroad for such courses. When you get a full-time degree in data science this way, you get a wider network to work with. The job and career opportunities get wide open.

Instead of finding only a good job that is limited to the country, why not go for the bigger fish. These are already scholarships and education loans that can minimize your expenses. So what’s the point of not considering it? See, even technical courses like data science are now much more than just academics. For example, in the current modern time, you need relevant skills rather than expert knowledge.

Having a deep understanding of the subject is good, but along with that you also need a big area to find a job. Because the bigger the option is, the better the job you will find after graduating. Udemy has connections that are limited and can only offer you the best it has. But universities like UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern offer you access to a global market. If you do, you can work in foreign country or come back here in India and get the best options available.

Like I said, I don’t want to be negative so yeah, data science courses on Udemy are good. But considering current times, it's not with your time and money. Instead aim for the bigger options that will endure a better future for you. And if you need any help with that, just let me know. 


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