Is studying for a Master of Science in the UK worth it?Which country is best for studying MS in CS or Data Science?In which country can I get a job easily?

Asked by Varun almost 2 years ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

Recruiting Manager, Operations at Apple

The UK is one of the biggest education providers. Not only do they have top universities, the UK is known for its education system. With fast-paced master degrees, USA universities are very specialized. After graduating, you will be more centric toward your chosen subject. It allows you to get the jobs easily and apply to higher positions.

Computer science and data science are the most relevant areas right now. On one hand, computer science is infused with almost every profession, and data science, on the other hand, is the most popular and prosperous subject at the current time. Did you know that the tech industry is developing fast and CS is among the UK's most in-demand degrees? It is also one of the highest-paying degrees there with an average salary above £30,000 (over 30 lakhs).

Data science indeed does not need an introduction. It is only the most popular degree right now plus  one of the top professions in developed countries. Data science professionals are earning six-figure salaries in good locations around the world. Uk is a very good country for a master of science degree. You get specialized courses at top universities. Plus, the UK is the hub of many international markets. The post-grad opportunities there are more than impressive.

CS and data science graduates in the UK are highly employable. Around 75% of the graduates from UK based universities choose employment. And one of the most common technical employment sectors there is IT, computation and data. All I’m trying to say is that the UK is a very good country for CS and data science, both for MS courses and career prospects.

However, the decision comes down to you in the end. If you can mention some of your priorities like what kind of master's course you like, and what environment you want after graduation, I can suggest some really good universities for you. You can easily get a job in the UK if you have completed your masters degree from a good university there. 


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