Is Praxis Data Science good for career growth?

Asked by Mamta Rao about 2 years ago

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Praxis is a very good business school located in the West Bengal region of India. They have a program in data scone which is quite frankly more than excellent. If you are looking to add some extra qualification to your caliber, I would suggest going for it.

It was only last year when I came to know about this course here. Since the data science program from Praxis Business School is not a master program, I thought it wasn't worth consideration. However it was just a matter of days when I knew that this full-time post graduation PGP in Data Science is ranked #2 data science programs in all India. The program is very good and many students who wish to remain in India target this one.

The business school is very much connected to create future leaders in the digital world. One of its best features is that they offer generous scholarships and tuition fee waivers to many deserving candidates. Would you believe me if I tell you that the January batch of the data since the program at Praxis has a 100% placement record? Not just that, the same program from Praxis is keen on many more records.

For example, they got like 96% of their total data science students placed overall. Praxis Business School has two campuses; Kolkata and Bengaluru. They have over 2,000 data science alumni that help you find jobs all over India. For a good steady career growth, Praxis Data Science is a top choice in India.

However, as mentioned, it is only a good choice if you wish to study here. No doubt the program is excellent but it can’t grant you access to the international market and bigger job roles. You may be comfortable with working in India on an average position. But data science is a very emerging area and thousands of graduates are earning six-figure salaries in countries after graduating from universities abroad.

My recommendation would be to look for good universities in the USA or the UK. They have a very diverse and developed technical industry that will be much better than a limited one here. An international degree in data science can granny you many job opportunities and career options. If you want university suggestions, you can ask me. I have been involved with data science for a while now, would be happy to share any information.


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