Is MIM is a good option?What are the best colleges for it and is GMAT?GRE compulsory?

Asked by Siddhi Boliya over 2 years ago

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MentR-Me Team

This is a selection that has to be made very strategically because you have to reflect onconsideration on yourself and the B-school you desire to practice.

GRE is comparable in principles that are examined however it emphasizes more you have an expansive vocabulary. Having said this, it is still a popular consensus that the GMAT Verbal section is “tougher” than the GRE Verbal. So I would say, think and pick out your poison.

Ok now looking at the B-Schools.

B-schools accepting GRE rankings for a MIM is a recent phenomenon. 75–80% of the applications acquired today have a GMAT rating registered. However, this does now not translate to the truth that the AdComs are preferentially looking for GMAT scores.

At the end of the day, universities prefer an admission with a robust possibility for expert development. Someone who conveys that they are now not just a one-trick pony, but as a substitute goes out and gives a lot of matters a shot.

Your genuine identity and acumen come out in your essays. That’s what they’re genuinely searching at. Because in a way essays carry your openness to studying matters which you don’t comprehend however will be required in the MIM programme.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Your CGPA/marks in graduation:
  • Either one works if the scores are high, i.e., beneath 7.5/75%.
  • If the scores are no longer as high, you would want a very high rating in the GRE/GMAT, whichever you choose.
  • If you are accurate in logic, select GMAT.
  • If you are good at Words and Reading, pick GRE.
  • The exams themselves: I can vouch for the Verbal areas ONLY, which is what most Indian students are weak in.
  • GMAT is tons extra hard than GRE. I have written about the differences here.
  • Decide wisely. Take the whole lot into consideration and as soon as you choose, provide it with your great shot.

So, in conclusion, take a GRE and GMAT mock take a look at and primarily based on the results, analyse and see which one will provide you with the biggest rewards if you pursue it.


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