Is letter of recommendation and references mandatory? If yes where to get them? And which are the best colleges with best placement in Canada for MS in electronics based courses?

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ananya singh

ananya singh

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Letter of Recommendation and References are mandatory documents for admission as they ensure authentication. A reference letter is a cordial recommendation of a person's abilities and qualities, written by an individual knowledgeable of the applicant's abilities, character, and reputation. Reference letters are required when applying for employment, internships, volunteer opportunities, universities, and graduate programmes.

The recommendation letter outlines the candidate's qualifications for the position being sought after as well as why the reader should choose them. Letters may be sent by the applicant or job seeker or required by the entity evaluating the person for employment or admission to an institution.

You can get your letter of recommendation and references for the academic Lor from one of your professors or the HOD of the university you have done your higher education. To get your professional Lor, you could call it written and signed by your organisation's manager or team lead.

The 2-year Master's in Electronics and Electrical degree is available in Canada. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for overseas students seeking higher education. Canada's universities are among the top educational institutions in the world and annually draw millions of students.

The following is a list of the top engineering schools in Canada:

University of Toronto

British Columbia University

University of Waterloo

McGill College

University of Alberta

By the way, how did you become inclined toward MS in electronics as a subject?



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