Is it worth spending $40,000 doing an MS in Civil Engineering from the USA?

Asked by Gagan Gupta over 1 year ago

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Rashmi Mehrotra

Rashmi Mehrotra

J.P. Morgan || LSR’ 19

If you ask about resources you are to spend for an MS in Civil Engineering from the USA, it's really about the return you get. Because the worth of spending a big amount like $40,000 can only be measured on what salary you get after graduation. For USA universities specifically, it differs in terms of the tuition fee and the earnings.

See, universities like MIT are like the biggest providers of civil engineering MS in the country. There are many other names that can easily give you access to top level jobs after graduation. But to consider the amount you mentioned, I believe universities like UC Berkeley and Georgia Institute of Technology are  the best ones. Keep in mind that UC Berkeley is the best civil engineering university in the world.

So to answer your question vaguely; YES, it's definitely worth spending $40,000 doing an MS in Civil Engineering from the USA. The return you get after graduation is enough to pay back this amount in 2-3 years. Top university graduates from the USA usually take this amount of time to pay back whatever student loan or debt they get for their education abroad. So after you do pay back all resources you spend, it's all good and prosperous for your career.

USD $40,000 equivalents around INR 30 lakh. The two universities I named ask for a lesser annual tuition fee, somewhere around 25 lakhs. With some extra funding you can arrange the complete tuition for a two-year program. And if not possible. So do not worry there are many quality universities in the USA that offer an entire MS in civil engineering around $40,000.

In terms of jobs after an MS in civil engineering from USA, there are plenty. In the USA, the job market for civil engineers has gone down in a longtime. Graduates find  jobs in around 6 months and earn good salaries. For example, in 2020, civil engineers in the USA made a median salary of $88,570 (around 67.5 lakhs). While the best-paid 25 percent made $115,110 that year. So there’s no lack of earning in the country.

In terms of jobs and salaries, I believe you are most secure in the USA. Besides, as long as you are getting more than you spend, it’s worth it. What I recommend is to see which universities there have civil engineering MS according to your preferences. Maybe you like a certain specialization like environmental or say structural. Let me know if you need any help with this process.


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