Is it worth doing MS after doing

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It is actually a process to further education in countries abroad. Many students here in India target a PhD program from abroad universities. But to do that, an MTech degree alone is not enough. Either you have to do an MS abroad or you have to gather quality work experience. So I would say, yes it is worth it. An MS after an MTech is productive for career purposes also.

See the way MS courses are designed, they fit a subject preference. This is why MS degrees are so famous. Abroad universities offer various specialized MS degrees that give in-depth knowledge on the subject. Even with an MTech, there are many things you still don’t know. Having a deep understanding of your subject area is worth it in every manner.

Having done an MTech and then pursuing an MS is also beneficial in terms of money. The average salary of an MS graduate can be increased if has an MTech attached to it. Take an example of engineering. In top USA engineering areas, the average salary of an MS graduate engineer is around $91,000. But paired up with an MTech, it goes around $105,000. Of-course these numbers look impressive because an engineer benefits with both MS and MTech. However, this is just to give you an idea.

For the further education I mentioned before, an MS becomes almost a mandatory thing to have. MS is a research-based designed course. Automatically doing a PhD afterwards your MS is very optimal. PhD requires MS qualifications in particular. Abroad universities do not allow students with an MTech a direct admission. And opting for big work experience may not be your cup of tea. Because it's not really that easy to land a job in the best areas of your field. So if you have an MS, you will be eligible for further education more easily.

I would personally recommend doing an MS after an MTech if you have enough resources to spare. It's definitely worth doing, with or without an MTech. If you are concerned whether you will get any significant benefits after this, rest assure you will. With earnings, you will have a bigger degree that is more recognized, more job opportunities, a bigger market to work in and abroad network.

If you are looking for an MS there are things you should know. For example, how much is it related to your MTech? Are your GPA at par to top universities abroad? Have you taken a language proficiency test? Things like this become crucial while applying for MS abroad. If you are confused with any aspect, talk to our consultants here. We are happy to help.


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