Is it true that I will not find jobs in India after the completion of masters in abroad?

Asked by Safna m s almost 2 years ago

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Vanshika Yadav

Vanshika Yadav

MentR-Me Team

Different education systems and ways of thinking exist in foreign nations. Pay in industrialised countries will be far higher than in India. Most people choose to remain in the government where they study. If someone makes 1500 USD a month in the USA compared to 50,000 INR in India, their needs will differ significantly, and most young people prefer to stay in India. Because of reservations, talent leaves India, and the country becomes awful.

There is equality in other countries. When one village in Russia requested a reservation from the government, the president refused to grant it.

In developed nations, education and employment have much better systems that support people. In India, however, people ask, "How many marks did your son get?" without knowing anything about their children. As a result of this psychological issue, Indian students experience pressure and, eventually, fail to land jobs because they are too busy with other tasks. Parental pressure makes government employment even worse.

People in India need to understand that working for the government is not their only job. There are many other professions as well, and government employment is not only harmful because of corruption but contrary to the majority of people's beliefs. Instead, learning should continue, though. Moral education is crucial since grades are just pieces of paper, and young people today beat animals and toss trash on the streets, which is wrong. They also need to understand ethics.

Finding a suitable career opportunity is not difficult in the private sector. Since you have already studied and worked with individuals from diverse cultures, you can get along well with your coworkers and are preferred by many MNCs nowadays over Indian graduates. Additionally, you will have difficulty finding employment in the public sector because most employers will require that you hold a degree recognized in India. However, suppose you register your degree through the Indian Embassy in that nation. In that case, you can later obtain attestation from the Indian Ministries of External Affairs and Human Resource Development and apply for public employment.

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