What is eligibility criteria for public universities in Germany?

My name is Mohammad Ismail; I am from India. I did my Bachelor's in Computer Science (B.sc), a three years degree. I have a 9.1 CGPA in my bachelor's, and I don't have any work experience.

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Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : Australia

Yes, German public universities require 16 years of education or 180 credits.

MS in Computer Science in Germany is a two years master's degree offered at more than 40 universities. Costing around 288-6660 Euro for a total program duration of master's in computer science at German universities, the program is available for study in English, German or both. 

Some facts about the Universities of Germany:

  • Some universities require Indian applicants to submit GATE exam results.
  • Bachelor in relevant degree is an admission mandate.
  • Intakes for MS programs: summer & winter. Enrollments for the same can be made in July and January, respectively.
  • With the advent of technology in the software domain, computer science is one of Germany's most popular master's degrees.
  • Being one of the biggest European economies, Germany is a great study destination for international students planning a career.

Some of the best universities in Germany providing MS in Computer science:

  1. Technical University Munich    
  2. RWTH Aachen University    
  3. Technical University Darmstadt    
  4. University of Freiburg    
  5. Technical University of Berlin    

Admission procedure:

  • Studying master of pc science abroad requires global students to submit more than a few extra files and fulfil additional eligibility criteria. These vary from the united states of America to the country example: the requirements for MS CS in the USA are exclusive from MS CS in Canada and others.
  • Where to Apply: Depending on the universities recommendations, there are three approaches you can apply for an MS in CS in Germany:
  • Directly through the college portal
  • Uni-assist applications
  • Applying via DAAD

Documents Required

  • Transcripts: Evaluated by way of uni-assist, transcripts from preceding years are required along with functions of worldwide students.
  • Test rating requirements: International college students are required to publish rankings of checks for reading in Germany.
  • GRE: Scores of GRE are required via some of the universities.
  • GATE: Indian applicants can submit GATE scores instead of GRE scores.
  • Additional Documents Required: SOP/Letter of Motivation, letter of recommendation, and CV may be required by way of some of the universities in Germany. 

I hope this clarifies your concerns.

Anjali Rawat

Anjali Rawat

Student of Presidium College

Eligibility Criteria for Public Universities in Germany:

1. Secondary Education: Must have a high school diploma equivalent to the German 'Abitur'.
2. Language Proficiency: German language skills are often required, typically B1 or B2 level.
3. Entrance Exams: Some programs may require specific entrance exams or aptitude tests.
4. Visa Requirements: Non-EU students need a student visa and proof of financial resources.
5. Subject-Specific Criteria: Certain fields might need specific qualifications or grades.


Eligibility for German public universities typically includes a recognized secondary education certificate (like a high school diploma or equivalent). German language proficiency is crucial for most programs, often requiring a B2/C1 level according to the CEFR. However, there are increasing English-taught programs for which English proficiency is necessary. Additionally, international students must provide proof of financial resources, such as a blocked account. It's important to check specific university requirements as they can vary.



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