Is it possible to get into top MIM/MIF programs in Europe with average academics & an ordinary resume but a stellar GMAT score?

Asked by Vijay Singh about 1 year ago

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

Director at Tax Resolution - Tax Relief Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

I'm glad you asked this question. I have been mentoring students in abroad education for a while. It’s sad to see a student not applying to a MIM/MIF kind of program in Europe just because he/she has an average profile. Your academics is an important part of your admission, yes. But it is not everything. Like you mentioned, resume, GMAT and other things are also what needs to be addressed.

I’ll explain everything in simple terms. When you apply for a business program abroad, it is very different from an academic program. Like an engineering course such as MEng computer engineering may ask you relevant subjects in tour bachelor. The GPA here will also be a major concern. However it is not the same for a business program.

A business school prefers things like work-experience, curriculars, community involvement and side certificate kind of things. Your grades here are mere eligibility scaling here. Documents like SOP, LORs and Essays are way too important here. In many cases, when the admission committee is confused between two applicants, they use these documents as a tie-breaker. Make sure you put enough time into this.

Now about the GMAT score. If you have a stellar GMAT score then congratulations in advance. Because GMAT scores are very important for business programs. If you go through a MIM or MIF page on European b schools. You will see a dark bold average GMAT score mentioned there. Because the GMAT test is an assessment of your abilities to learn, adapt and perform in the long run. These are the very quality business industry looks in a fresh graduate.

Master in Management & Master in Finance programs are much more than just studies. Here you develop more universal skills like analytics, organizing, decision-making, critical-thinking etc. You don’t need to be worried about an average academics and ordinary score. Just make sure you have enough curriculars and certifications to cover it up. A large number of students use their non academic experience to make their profile worthwhile.

It doesn’t mean that you should start throwing everything you have on your profile. Find relevance in your every achievement. Whatever one shows universal business skills like leadership, management, decision making etc., use them. If you have taken part in any community work, say like managing a big gathering, you can include this in your profile. B schools prefer their candidates that are considerate toward the society.

Was it helpful or did I miss some important element? Let me know down below if you have some query. It’s always good to have your doubts resolved in advance.



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