Is it okay to do a 1 year bachelor's degree in India instead of Studienkolleg?

Asked by Vansh almost 2 years ago

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

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Well it depends. Why do you want to do a one-year bachelor here or choose Studienkolleg anyway? I know it is to mend some level of qualification to pursue a higher course, but if your goal is the same as this I think you already know the answer.’

While both options  you mentionare good, there are some quiet differences. See, Studienkolleg is particularly a prep college in Germany. Instead of offering regular courses, they are designed to prepare incoming international students that are targeting Germany for higher education. In every car I would suggest to choose Studienkolleginstead of doing a bachelor here no matter if it is a short one or a regular.

Think of it this way. Studienkolleg is basically to get ready if you are planning to go abroad for studies, Germany particularly. I mean if not why would you be even asking this question, right? Anyway, if you choose to stay here and do a one-year bachelor's degree it will be exactly opposite of what you want. I don’t mean it's a bad choice or something but yeah, it doesn’t make sense to choose a one-year bachelor in India in place of Studienkolleg in Germany.

Studienkolleg will basically be better because it will give you an idea of the education system abroad. You won’t have to spend extra  time knowing the unfamiliar country  in your master program. Plus, bring them there for almost one year preparing with Studienkolleg, you will know the side earning possibilities that can help you better with your expenses. Besides, a one-year or single sitting degree in India isn't valid for higher education anymore. So they might add some caliber to your profile but not really that useful.

Are you open to do a standard full-time course from abroad or just these two options. Because applying for masters in Germany after doing a bachelor's will be really easy. Anyway, let me know if it helps you or not. I can give some other points  to explain further, just ask if needed.


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