Is it a good option to do MSc Environmental Management after Btech in Chemical Engineering?

Asked by sajin karthik almost 2 years ago

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

Director at Tax Resolution - Tax Relief Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

MSc Environmental Management is a very diverse field. There is a huge demand for environmental experts in business and management industries. Rapid growth and technology have already made a big impact everywhere. There are factories, labs, and research departments that are very much connected with environmental issues. Big companies and governments are paying a big focus on this field.

Having a chemical engineering background makes even more sense. Like you can choose scientific electives in your master's program. Since you are already familiar with chemical engineering, you will grasp the technical aspect of environmental management quickly. Because there are many deep topics in an MSc Environmental Management course. Given it is a management degree, you will also learn vaguely about the environment.

There could be a ton of areas to cover here like botany, soil & erosion, social issues, commerce etc. Basically, it depends on what kind of curse you do under environmental Management. The job prospect after graduation will mostly be concerned with managerial roles. But to get ahead, you will have to demonstrate your subject skills with management principles.

I recommend starting working on your GRE and English language test. Because these are the necessary items that can not be neglected. Try scoring as much as possible, as these test scores will decide which universities you can apply to. Management courses are already popular and in demand. Your post-grad options will be good and relevant.

If you are wondering which universities or which country you should target for Environmental Management, you should check out the FREE School Explore Quiz here. It basically just asks you for your qualifications and generates the best-suited results. You can look in the USA, UK, Canada or any other country you like. Plus, if you need any assistance in this, I'm always happy to help


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