Is it easy to get a job after MS in accountancy in USA?

Asked by Sudheer Yadav over 1 year ago

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

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It is never too easy or hard to get a job. MS accountancy courses in the USA are filled with job opportunities. But it doesn’t mean that it will come as easy. Besides, you should consider what kind of jobs there are to get. As if you are doing an MS in accountancy from the USA, a job possibility is the least of your worry. Rest assured, your degree along will be enough to land you a job.

One thing I want to clear at the very start. There are no job placements in the USA. Foreign countries do not host placement events where you will be given interviews for jobs. Instead, there will be job fairs, events and gatherings. Here, you will need to socialize in order to make connections. The fate of your job and career is entirely up to you. This is the very reason why universities abroad ask more than just academics.

If we talk about employment in accountancy, it is projected around 7-8 percentile growth from 2020 to 2030 in the USA. This is the average rate for all occupations. If you don’t understand it properly, it means that the field is incredibly stable and good to join. Plus commerce jobs are the best paid jobs in the USA. Therefore graduates from accounting, finance, economics earn a load of annual packages from popular companies there.

Just for the accountants and auditors, around 135,000 job openings are projected each year in the USA. The rest are occupations like analyst, consultant, controller etc. are equally good. So whether you graduate with top scores or not, you will at least have this many job openings to work with. Just keep in mind that you should be targeting to get a big ROI. Otherwise , it would be a waste to spend a big tuition for MS in accountancy in the USA.

As mentioned before, you have to make the most out of the job fairs. Because you never know, you may not have tried the options that could have been a game changer. Therefore it's always better to give your 100%. It may seem a bit tiring but remember that you are going to pay a big amount for your accountancy masters. And that amount must be worth something.

Accountancy in the USA is a very highly regarded profession. It comes with job security and many bonuses along with big salaries. You have options to work a s accountant, auditor, consultant, analyst, controller, manager and much more. If you pick the right university, the chances of getting better jobs will increase. Let us have a look at your profile to see which ones you can target. We can also add some relevant details to enhance it. Feel free to ask for help.


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