Is it easy to find technical job in Australia after masters?

Asked by Saketh about 2 years ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

Economics Undergrad Student || dep. Marketing Head at Enactus ARSD

It is never too easy or hard to find a job. It all depends on your qualification and how much effort you put in it. For example, even a class topper in data science master can go jobless if he/she does not network. Unlike India, you have to find a job for yourself in Australia and other major countries.

There will be no placements in Australian universities. Instead, you will see many job fests, gatherings and other prime events where you can network and know your opportunities. Basically what you want to do is to find a really good program first. For example in Australia, agriculture and healthcare are the most prosperous ones right now. So the first step will be finding a good course in these subjects.

Technical jobs in Australia are quite famous. Along with mentioned subject areas, computer scone and IT market in Australia are also quite good. Infact, the demand for technology expertise has never been higher there. According to the Australian government, tech is one of the fastest-growing industries which is valued at $98.3 billion (AUD) in 2021. Therefore it is safe to say that there is no lack of technical jobs available in Australia.

So for a simple answer; yes, it is easy to find a technical job in Australia. But this doesn’t mean you can get one without trying. You have to pick one of the best available master's courses in a good Australian university. It will automatically boost your chances of finding a top technical job there. Better the university, better the opportunities.

Just go over the top universities in Australia and choose a good course. Remember it should be something that is relevant and matches your interests. If you are not so sure about all this, you should check out the FREE SCHOOL EXPLORE QUIZ here. It will generate university options in Australia based on your academic records. Sounds good right?


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