Is it costly to live abroad while studying and how to manage expenses while staying there?Also, are there cheaper universities or any scholarship options available for MBA or Data Analytics programs?

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Deepali Singh

Deepali Singh

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When you think of nations that have a brilliant training system, without having finances of five figures it looks impossible. While university expenses and other residing prices are continuously rising across the countries, college students are looking for options to pursue a diagnosed diploma without feeling too much of a burden on their pockets. This brings us back to our question, can college students study abroad for free?

You will be comfy to hear, theoretically, yes! Now comes the subsequent step, how is it possible? It is possible to find out about going overseas for free, however, there are a lot of factors to it. The components below can help college students overlay their training rate partly or fully. 

Scholarships that are too wholly funded is one of the approaches to pursuing greater schooling except feeling too a great deal of a pinch on your pocket. However getting a thoroughly funded scholarship is extraordinarily difficult, because the variety of candidates is huge whereas the wide variety of scholarships awarded is confined in numbers. There are distinctive types of scholarships like conventional scholarships and some are specialized funding schemes. Also, scholarships are provided via individual universities, government agencies, charitable institutions, and some non-public enterprises.

Two sorts of expenses are included below scholarships:

  • Tuition fee
  • Living expenses
    Also, some scholarship schemes are given to some particular businesses like ‘Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC, etc. candidates’. This fellowship is awarded via the government of India to SC students whose annual household earnings do not exceed INR 6 lakh.

Scholarships are granted through Individual Universities.
Some universities routinely consider these students for scholarships whose profile is above 50% of the type medium. Some universities routinely consider college students for a scholarship if their profile is above 50% of the standards set with the aid of the university. Also, some universities additionally think about students for need-based scholarships so they can pursue higher studies barring traumatic tuition fees.

Education Exchange Programs (EEPs)
The Indian authorities have signed MOUs or Education Exchange Programs (EEPs) or Joint Declaration of Intent (JDIs) with 54 international locations globally in the subject of education. The intention of such agreements is to promote an alternative for students. List of international locations and their agreements can be accessed at the reputable website of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD).

Apart from this, eight international locations, particularly South Korea, China, Mexico, Commonwealth Scholarship (UK), Commonwealth Scholarship (New Zealand), Israel, Hungary, and Italy offer a scholarship to Indian students to pursue greater education in their respective countries. Interested students can observe online for getting these scholarships, MHRD facilitates the nomination process for these scholarships. 

So getting a first-rate education does not come cheap but there are alternatives such as scholarships provided by different institutions. I hope this might help you!


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