Is it better to pursue a B.Tech in foreign countries than pursuing it in India?

Asked by Ronak Sharma over 1 year ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

Student Athlete

It depends. I mean what are your priorities? If you are solely concerned about your study I would have to say YES. Studying B.Tech in a foreign country from where you plan your masters is definitely a better choice. But as I said, only if you are concerned with your studies and nothing else.

Let me explain. When you will be doing a B.Tech from abroad, you will be more familiar with the environment there. Later on when you will apply for a masters in technology program, you would know what specialization to go for based on the country’s market and economy. And do not forget the affiliated partnership of the university. Because for a master program, hands-on experience and practical knowledge is important.

But as I mentioned, if you have other considerations, it might not be a smart choice to do a B.Tech abroad. Because a bachelor degree is not mainly that important for your career development. Even for STEM courses like MS in technology, universities allow students from different backgrounds. International students generally complete their undergraduate from their home country and then aim for a masters abroad.

By other considerations I mean, finance and comfort. Because let's face it, you are more comfortable in your home country. And even if an undergraduate degree does not cost like crazy abroad, compared to here it will be a huge difference. The lifestyle in abroad countries costs quite a lot, to be frank.

So consider what are the things you are thinking right now. Because even if you choose a bachelor abroad it will not make a big difference. It will be more beneficial of-course, but I suggest if you are not comfortable to spare big funds, choose a B.Tech here. I hope it helps.


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