Is internal and external both backs in subject matters when it comes to international study?

Asked by Ankit Sharma over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

The answer is yes and no. The way it works is you have to clear your backlogs. The universities abroad prefer applicants with a nice academic background. But it does not mean that they won’t neglect records with a history of backlogs. If you have cleared your backlogs you are good to go. Students generally clear all their backlogs before applying for a master's abroad. But this is not all.

Different universities abroad have different preferences. While some may accept a limited number of backlogs, some universities allow more. You have to know about hr university that you are applying for. External or internal both does not really matter as long as it has been cleared. When you are actually enrolling in your applied university, all your backlogs must be cleared. The rule is simple, students must have all their backlogs cleared before starting the course.

International study is something that is a dream of every student. After you complete your bachelor's, a master from an abroad country is something that can make your career entirely different. Top locations like the UK, Canada, and the USA pack top universities with significant job opportunities. If you can manage to make masters abroad, you should definitely go for it.

So the backlogs are not acceptable if they are still there. But if you cleared your backlogs you are all good to go. I would highly suggest you get to know about your university and what are their admission criteria. If you want help with any of this, just let me know.


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