Is ielts compulsory in Germany for masters in biological Sciences.?

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Germany is an educational paradise with its world-class universities, affordable tuition fee, and a wide variety of courses to choose from. These globally valued programs often set you up for a high-paying job and so the growing interest in the country as a favored study abroad destination. What also adds to the popularity of the country among international students is the fact that they can also study in Germany without taking IELTS.

Top German Universities that Accept Students Without IELTS Score
Aspirants need to meet certain criteria if they want to be accepted into German universities without IELTS. Even though not all universities in the country admit students without IELTS, there are several reputed ones that may accept you. Here’s the list of top universities that are open to accepting international students without IELTS scores: 

University of Kassel 
University of Giessen
Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
University of Siegen
University of Kiel
Ruhr University Bochum
Technical University of Braunschweig
University of Bayreuth
Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences
Chemnitz University of Technology
University of Koblenz and Landau
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
University of Bonn
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Free University of Berlin
University of Kaiserslautern
University of Hildesheim


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