Is Healthcare Management the easiest course in Canada after studying B.PHARMACY in India?

Asked by Davinder Singh about 2 years ago

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Ajay Tewani

Ajay Tewani

Investment Analyst at IFC - World Bank Group | IIM Ahmedabad | CA | CFA Level III

It's not tough, I can say that at least. But assuming any master program  from Canada is not smart thinking. I suggest keeping an open perspective. I can see how you want to ask if it’s the best and most accessible course after a bachelor in pharmacy (BPharm). To that, it’s as plain as it can be.

When you complete your undergrad in BPharm, healthcare management ultimately becomes one of the best choices for masters. So not to say it's easy wholesome but yeah it's an easier option. Having a related bachelor degree will help you to get admission into a good healthcare management program. You can add this element to your SOP to show that you are already connected with the subject and want to pursue it further.

Since it is a management degree, the post grad options after the course will be very much involved with managerial jobs. I’m not saying that you won’t be working in healthcare more, it's just that it will differ from a core healthcare course. Which by the way is the reason why students opt for this option anyway. Plus Canada and UK are currently the best places to pursue a healthcare program.

After the global pandemic, there is already new implementation of healthcare professionals in every sector. Places like schools, firms, companies are all having a separate department of healthcare to avail all time services in dire situations. Countless healthcare centers has been opened. Now, there is big demand for healthcare managers to handle the challenging tasks.

Did you know that healthcare and IT are currently the most growing industry globally?

Regardless, healthcare managers are paid handsomely. You would be very satisfied with your job and career options after graduating from healthcare management. If you want to know the best universities or the program, just let me know. We can talk about your profile and see which universities in Canada are best suited for you.


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