Is GRE required for engineering Masters?

Asked by Anjali Rawat 4 months ago

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Nityam Raghvan

Nityam Raghvan

MentR-Me Team

It's a common query among students aspiring for engineering master's programs abroad. The necessity of GRE largely depends on the university and the specific engineering program you're applying to. While some universities do require GRE scores, others may not make it a compulsory part of their admissions process.

Our recommendation would be to carefully review the admission requirements & Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Engineering Management of the universities you're considering. Some institutions may emphasize other factors such as academic performance, letters of recommendation, and relevant work experience over GRE scores. But, if a university does need GRE, it's essential to prepare for the exam to demonstrate your academic aptitude and increase your chances of admission. Always double-check with the university's official website or directly contact their admissions office to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding GRE requirements for your desired engineering master's program.



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