Is GMAT necessary for the MIM course?

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Deepali Singh

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An excessive GMAT score can help candidates overcome low work experience, but it takes extra than test prep to get into an exact school. The GMAT is fundamentally necessary to Master's in Management (MIM) candidates.

The GMAT is essentially vital to Master’s in Management (MIM) candidates. Because they regularly have little or no work experience, the GMAT is a fundamental device for admissions teams to judge whether an applicant should be admitted or not. “We want a way to evaluate program performance. In absence of work experience, the GMAT and undergraduate GPA have a larger weight in the admissions process,” says Brandon Kirby, admissions director at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. 

The GMAT is a standardized check that assesses positive analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and studying capabilities in written English. Many authorized commercial enterprise faculties require the exam for admission to their MIM courses. “It presents us with perception into their manageable performance in the software academically,” Kirby says. “However, the GMAT doesn’t tell us what kind of individual they’ll be in the schoolroom or how they’ll cope with the stress and rigor of the program.” 

The time you need to spend swotting will rely on your goal. According to Kaplan Test Prep, a score of 710 or above would put you in the pinnacle 10 percentage of all check takers. A 659—700 score would put you in the pinnacle 25 per cent, and a rating of 550—640 would place you in the top half of the pool, but won’t be as tremendous when making use of the fantastic Masters in Management programs. 

GMAT scores at elite colleges have been rising for the past few years, making the admissions process extra competitive. This is mostly because takers are becoming more strategic, says Dennis Him, director of lecturers at Kaplan. The Graduate Management Admission Council, which administers the GMAT, now lets candidates cancel low ratings and retake the check after extra preparation. About one-third of all candidates with scores lower than 650 cancelled them last year, up from 1.9 per cent in 2014.

Ultimately, the GMAT is simply one aspect of a commercial enterprise faculty utility and candidates have to additionally work on earning the excellent possible GPA, writing compelling essays, and securing convincing letters of recommendation.

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