Is GMAT mandatory to apply for mba in Australia?

Asked by Sai bhagath about 1 year ago

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Kimaya Nigam

Kimaya Nigam

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : USA

There are many top-ranked Australian universities that provide MBA packages except a GMAT score.Australia is an brilliant study overseas destination. Truly world-class cities, a conducive environment, and great tutorial facilities. Adding to the many positives is every other entice for international students…the requirement or rather no requirement of GMAT scores. Do no longer go judging too fast. True, most of the pinnacle MBA schools of the world require rather excessive GMAT scores. But to reflect onconsideration on GMAT ratings as a measure of the school’s software would be hasty and wrong. All the pinnacle faculties throughout the world seem at a range of factors of the application and the identical is proper for all Australian Universities as well. So why don’t they want a GMAT?

The reply lies in the way the Australian Education System works. More based totally on sensible expertise, the Australian training system offers credence to work ride as well as your tutorial score. Most of the faculties require a minimum of three years of applicable work trip for you to be able to apply. 

Furthermore, the Australian Education system believes that a student applying for a higher education after finishing a bachelor route or a graduate diploma would necessarily have the required aptitude to whole the course. No GMAT does now not mean a lower qualification. In fact, the Australian Universities would require you to have a as a substitute constantly high rating across your excessive school and graduation. Most of the listed schools have a minimal requirement of 65% in your undergraduate diploma – mixture and not only of the final year!n their MBA application is round four years.


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