Is Germany good to do Masters in Computer Science?What is average salary for full-stack developer there?Also, can you please give me details on Canada vs Germany?

Asked by Laya Bingi over 1 year ago

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Deepali Singh

Deepali Singh

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

I will recommend you to go to Germany. Germany has emerged as an apparent and appealing destination for higher studies. The universities in Germany are ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide, and they have very skilled and educated teachers to instruct you. The studying pattern of Germany focuses equally on theoretical and practical know-how, due to which students build their knowledge of the degree they are pursuing. Other benefits of studying in Germany are:

1. 0% lessons fee
Public universities in Germany charge a 0% tuition fee to students. Most German universities are financed by using the government of Germany. 

World category universities
Germany has world-type universities that are ranked in the top 50 worldwide. The United States of America has made its identity in MBA education, engineering discipline and many more. And many global college students across the world need to study in Germany.

Opportunity to work part-time whilst studying
There is a way of life in Germany of working phase time while studying. 

Practical training along with theory knowledge
Universities in Germany are attractive because they provide realistic training and principle knowledge. Furthermore, the facilities, colleges and infrastructure are excellent.

Stay back after completion of a degree.
The immigration law in Germany provides a lower back of 18 months to international college students after completing the degree. The only circumstance is that you would be required to observe for a house permit. Then you can stay lower back in Germany and discover jobs according to your qualifications.

Range of specialization
Germany offers a wide range of specialization in each challenge and course.

There are more perquisites of analyzing in Germany. Therefore, keep studying to be aware of extra training in Germany. 


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