Is Data Science Kaggle useful?

Asked by Ramu Rai almost 2 years ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

Yes, definitely Data Science Kaggle is useful. Kaggle is not just an online association of data scientists and machine learning practitioners. But it also has features like intersections, learning and competitions that create a positive ;earning experience in data scone aspirants. I have tried the service myself and could not see any reason not to recommend it to a fellow data scientist aspirant.

Basically, Kaggle permits you to find and issue data sets, investigate and develop models. It is all done in a web-based data-science background. It’s  like a hub where you can get your interests and learn something out of it. More than 23,000 public databases for practicing and different competitions are available to Kaggle that enhance your skills. It's basically a place to learn and have fun.

Having said that, I do know you have to have prior knowledge of data as science and machine learning for that. Because Kaggle is simply a platform for the data science and machine learning community to learn more on this subject. It mostly relates to the subject oriented and technology. So that’s why, if you want to utilize it completely, I suggest doing a master course in data science alongside. Actually, keep Kaggle alongside your master course in data scone.

Having an ongoing pursuit of a masters in data science program in an abroad university will  allow you to best use Kaggle. As a user there, you will be one of the data science and machine learning people that can share and communicate with the features. Plus, having the chance to apply your learnings into actual situations is most beneficial for a technical subject as data science, isn't it?

What I suggest is to prepare for the tests and resources you will need to apply for a program abroad. This way, you can be simultaneously part of a nice and recognized degree program abroad plus a community that will keep helping you after your graduation. It will be like your additional network that comes with the egress completion. It will be in your best interest and grant you to apply for better jobs and career development.

Are you a data science aspirant or some professional working in the field? In any case, if you require any of my advice or information on data science & machine learning, just ask me in the comments.


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