Is Czech Republic a good country to study Master's in Economics?What are the job opportunities?

Asked by Nisarga M almost 2 years ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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The Czech Republic is a wonderful place to go for higher studies. The country is more famous than you think. It has some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe.

It's not new that students aim for the Czech Republic to study abroad. They have reputed universities in the country. You may have come across some names like Charles University, Czech Technical University of Prague etc. And in case you choose to go there for a Master's in Economics, you will find how it gets better and better. You can get the best programs with a budget of around INR 15 lakhs.

About your choice of masters, Economics is in the top three most popular choices of higher studies. The other two are agriculture and engineering. And there are thousands of international students that go there each year. Economics is also a significant contributor to the Czech Republic's economy. The industry and jobs are better than average compared to surrounding countries. The Czech Republic is considered one of the top countries in central Europe for studies and career perspectives.

The World Bank has put the country on #24 for the Human Capital Index, and its also ranked #12th in inequality-adjusted human development. This puts the country ahead of significant countries like the USA, UK and or France. It automatically makes the country a top choice for quality of life. You can quickly get a job after your master's in economics there. As I mentioned, the country is best for economics and other fields of study.

What I like most about the Czech Republic are its reviews. Students and professors put their time in the country as the best experience one can get for international studies. Not all of them can be wrong, right? Anyway, do you have any specific universities in mind? Let me know if you want me to check your eligibility for your shortlisted universities or if you want me to find any for you. 



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