Is B.Tech in Information Technology(IT) worth doing?

Asked by Pankaj Soni about 1 year ago

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

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A bachelor of technology is better than any alternate option, especially for information technology. Several students choose universities abroad for a B.Tech degree. And these numbers are increasing now. However, universities abroad offer a Bachelor of Science under B.E./B.Tech. Usually, they are the same thing, just under different names. 

In any situation, I recommend going with a BTech in IT. Even in case you choose to pursue an engineering master's or career. The reason for this is that a B.Tech is a professional degree. A B.Tech in IT is enough to give you a job in the field. Not just in India, foreign companies also regard B.Tech as the best option for IT and engineering.

I can see an argument for masters that a dedicated course like MSc in Information Technology is better. But for a bachelor, it's better to do a comprehensive course like B.Tech. See, later, when you choose master's, a B.Tech will offer a variety of courses. B.Tech degree compromises more core areas of technology. That's why it's the best path to tech, engineering and science masters.

If you leave on a master's option and go for a job, you want a broad market. A different course will give good options but is limited to a field. In contrast, B.Tech will apply to a variety of areas. It is a degree with many real-world career prospects across many technical fields. Having a degree with a wide range is better than having a limited area. As I mentioned, it does work for a master's but not for a bachelor's because bachelor's degrees are designed to lead towards further options.

In the USA, the average salary of a B.Tech holder is around 40-50 lakhs. The UK has the same to offer in earning potential. With experience, you can increase these numbers and possibly get a managerial role. Doing a B.Tech in IT is undoubtedly worth it. This will be the best course of action for further education and job options.

What are your actual plans after a B.Tech degree? Because this detail can change many things. If you want to do a master's in a completely different field, it may not affect you to do a B.Tech or a different bachelor's. Or do you need any help in deciding the best B.Tech courses for you? Feel free to ask anything.


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