Is an MBA degree best in the UK for an experienced guy?

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

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Yes is the simplest answer to this query. The UK serves as a link between international offices, frequently connecting the west (US) to the APAC and GCC regions because of its location in the European belt and advantageous timezone. As part of their post-MBA return on investment, one may discover the opportunity to influence the procedures and strategies of global corporations, adding a great deal of value, boosting one's self-esteem, and advancing one's career.

Post-student work permit

The reintroduction of post-study visas by the UK government in the prior year (2021) is arguably the most important policy shift that has taken place. This enables students to lawfully reside and work in the UK for some time following graduation—usually two years. Thanks to the shift, the UK is now one of the easiest places to pursue higher education, advance your profession, and get a return on investment.

creation of a regional industrial hub (s)

In addition to constructing important industrial and financial hubs throughout the area, the UK is also developing London, the financial capital of Europe. The UK actively develops cities, including Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Stirling. For instance, Scotland actively develops the following industries to benefit from the region's distinctiveness.

One of the most distinctive features of UK education is exposure to real-world tasks during your term. Numerous institutions serve as a talent and knowledge hub for the community, contributing significantly to the growth of local enterprises. This implies to prospective students that they will be exposed to various scenarios throughout their course and have the opportunity to consult for these businesses. The possibility of networking in the area and possibly securing a full-time position following the course is an additional advantage of this experience.

An MBA costs approximately 60 lakhs at Cambridge Judge Business School and 90 lakhs at London Business School. However, the entrance requirements for these schools are likewise highly strict and challenging to meet.

Various programs offer excellent value for the money for students that are above average. The MBA programs at the Universities of Strathclyde, Stirling, Birmingham, Lancaster, Glasgow, Nottingham Trent, etc., are some examples of this. Budgets between 20 and 35 lakhs can be used to manage them.

Students can take advantage of these programs at cheaper costs because of the numerous scholarships available. For instance, the Saltire scholarship offered by Scotland offers a stipend of GBP 10,000 or almost 50% of the course's total cost.


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