Is a master’s in accounting and finance from the UK good for an Indian B.Com hons graduate?

Asked by Ronak Sharma over 1 year ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

It depends. By no means a masters in accounting and finance is any less. In fact finance is one of the most paid sectors in the business industry. On the other hand, accounting covers a large area of work. With a accounting & finance degree, you can work in banking, investment, accounting, finance, consultant, management and many others.

Especially for an Indian who has completed a B.Com hons, it integrates perfectly. I don’t know other than accounting & finance, which subjects are more relevant to commerce! Therefore along with a nice degree, you would have a relevancy in both undergrad and graduation. When things like promotion & perks show up, this point will come handy.

UK universities specialize in short-time master courses. This Lets you join the industry sooner. Now it may not be a good idea because this way you get less time to get familiar with the field and foreign environment. But in the case of accounting and finance, it works perfectly. These subject areas need early access to the industry to see are the most in-demand jobs. Plus these subjects are industry oriented, therefore the more interaction means more benefits.

In the recent survey of UK business schools, the earnings of accounting and finance graduates were revealed. It was estimated at an expected amount of £40,000 (around 40 lakhs. An average chartered accountant in the UK earns an annual salary close to £85,000 (around 85 lakhs). On the other hand, finance has always been in top #3 paid jobs in all developed countries. And don’t forget that accounting and finance jobs come with bonuses and commissions.

Just the analyst jobs in finance and accounting alone are enough to represent excellent records. In terms of growth, these jobs are over 20% faster than average. If you are interested in analyst jobs, currently it's at its best. The other top areas are management and consultancy. 

When you complete a masters in accounting and finance course from the UK, you will be starting with a bit above entry-level. Because these are business programs, they have a little more value than regular masters like MS or MA. If you are planning for it, I recommend you to act on it now. The abroad admission cycles are back on track and you should get into it. If you need any kind of help like profile building, application preparation or anything, just ask.


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