Is a BSc in programming and Data Science offered abroad?

Asked by Raveena Tomar about 1 year ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

You can find almost all kinds of data science courses abroad.  Whether it is a regular master or a bachelor (BSc) degree. There are PhD, diploma, certificate and online programs available as well in data science. Because currently, data science is the most sought-after subject in abroad countries, almost all universities are looking to offer courses under this very subject.

It is less seen that students are targeting a BSc instead of a MS degree in data science abroad. However, it doesn't mean that there are any lack of universities that have BSc courses in programming and data science. However, I do want to mention that many of these courses comprise programming as an included area and are famous with the name of BSc Data Science. So if you see a data science BSc degree offered by a university, do not assume that it doesn't have programming included.

Since I’m already writing on this, I would like you to consider either the USA or the UK for this. Data science can be pursued from any top country. But that has to be a true fact for master and other postgraduate degrees. Bachelor degrees like BSc in data science are not very good in other prime locations. The USA and the UK are the two best countries I can vouch for. I have personally been connected with the admission of many students in USA and UK universities for undergrad courses, so speaking from experience.

These will be my suggestions from the USA -

Columbia University
University of New Hampshire
University of Michigan

Though you may have heard some other university names for data science courses, these are the best ones for bachelors. These three universities from the USA are world-class institutes that have a very good reputation for their academics. They have undergrad courses in data science that you can target if you like the USA as a country. After graduating, you will have a wide variety of colleges there to choose for a master program. Or simple, you can start working in the most developed and highest grossing data science industry there.

In case you choose to opt for UK universities, here are my suggestions -

London School of Economics
University of Bristol
Keele University

LSE, Bristol and Klee University from the UK are your top options for BSc in programming and data science. If you check the ranking of undergraduate education in the UK, you will find these three universities on top of the list. Recently, my friend's brother was accepted to the University of Bristol for an international business program. I have been hearing too much about how excellent the university and the environment is there.

See for yourself which country you like the most. You can make a decision based on the course duration, fee and learning environment there. However, if you want more information to proceed, do let me know. I can help in any manner possible regarding abroad studies.



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