Information about UK blacklisted universities .?

Which universitys are best. And which courses are best for furure jobs.

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Nipun Mahajan

Nipun Mahajan


Here is a list of the blacklisted universities in the UK:
Burnell College

European University of Ireland

International Management Centres Association (IMCA or IMC Association), Buckingham, UK

Thornewood University, Great Britain

Thornhill University, United Kingdom

Tiu International University, UK

Adams and Washington University, King College of Professional Studies, England

American Liberty University, England

Anacrusis Institute, United Kingdom

St. Thomas-a-Becket College & University, Canterbury, England


Here’s how you can avoid getting into a blacklisted university:

Extensive research about the college

Go through different study abroad guides

Reach out to the graduated students of the respective college

Find sources that support the authenticity of the college

Let me know if you need any other information from my end. 



Nityam Raghvan

Nityam Raghvan

MentR-Me Team

When planning to study in the UK, verifying the credibility of your chosen university is paramount. While the UK is home to many world-renowned institutions, there have been cases of universities facing scrutiny for not meeting required standards. These "blacklisted universities" often fail to adhere to academic quality, proper accreditation, or legal compliance. 

Some universities that have been blacklisted or faced significant issues in the past include: 

  • London Metropolitan University: Temporarily lost its license to sponsor international students in 2012 due to visa compliance issues. 
  • University of Wales, Trinity Saint David: Encountered several academic quality concerns. 
  • Glyndwr University: Experienced administrative and academic inconsistencies, leading to scrutiny by educational authorities. 

To avoid such institutions, prospective students should consult the official UK government and educational bodies. The UK’s Department for Education and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) provide reliable information on university accreditation and quality standards. 

Additionally, it's beneficial to explore student reviews, alumni feedback, and academic rankings. Websites like The Complete University Guide and Times Higher Education offer comprehensive reviews and rankings that can aid in making an informed decision. 

Ensuring your chosen university is reputable will not only enhance your educational experience but also ensure that your degree holds value and recognition worldwide. Always prioritize accredited institutions to avoid the pitfalls of enrolling in a blacklisted or dubious university.


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