Where in Australia can I get PR within 3 to 4 years? I completed my graduation in 2018 with 69% in arts however I got 6.5 bands. I want to take a culinary arts course as I have done my graduation in home science along with history and political science as major subjects.?

Asked by Kajal almost 2 years ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

First of all, you do not get permanent residency immigration in a city. When you apply for it, the government of Australia will grant you immigration to the country. Of course, it will be based on your request and visa category. I have some essential suggestions for you, most like guidelines.

First, about your PR, as per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the general waiting time for Australia PR is around 8-12 months. So no need to wait around for 3-4 years. However, it does not remain the same for any candidate. Usually, it is easier to get immigration with a high demand occupation in the country. So it is crucial to apply wisely. Because based on your profession and visa, your request can be denied.

For your culinary art course, Australia is a competitive and multicultural country. This makes it easier for culinary and home science aspirants to set up a promising career in the country. I would recommend either a Master in Food Science, with Technology or Agribusiness specializations. Based on your desire for PR, tech and agriculture are the most prosperous food science areas in Australia. Your immigration will be much easier this way.

Besides, agribusiness is also one of the top sectors in Australia. And tech is always a good option given current developments. Australia has many universities that offer these courses. I recommend a 491 visa or a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) subclass 491 visa for your visa. It is the latest and easiest visa category to get a PR in Australia.

Let me know if this is helpful and if you want any more information from my end. 



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