In usa Student visa (F1) process in perticular in interview round the most of the Chinese officer rejected the visa !?It is ture?What can we can do in that situation?

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Kimaya Nigam

Kimaya Nigam

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While getting into a University in USA is a remember of cheer, excitement is often dampened by possibilities of a Visa Interview. Students from throughout the us of a swear by way of gruelling periods with Visa Interviewer and how all their plans may absolutely go to waste if the man or woman rejects the application. Well…all that is actual but at the equal time, there is nothing to fear. The interviewer is no longer tasked with a target of rejecting applications! His/her solely cause is to validate your reasons for traveling USA and through no means are they intent on thwarting your US desires – till and until the dream constitutes of staying as unlawful in the United States of America!

It is essential to understand that whilst the Visa Interview is an imperative section of your US Student Visa Application, it is by means of no potential the lengthiest. In fact, on average, the US Visa Interview would final about 3 to 4 minutes (sometimes even lesser). And opposite to the normal beliefs, the Visa Officer would no longer scrutinize all your documents. In fact, they solely ask for any files in the rarest of uncommon occasions. As a rule, the Visa Officers do no longer ask for any documents. Though you are always recommended to elevate them with you, it is important to notice that you must now not offer your documents until and unless asked.

Preparing for the Interview Day

Things you have to recognize earlier than you go for your US Student Visa Interview:

Like any interview, it is a formal interaction between two or extra human beings – the Interviewer/s and the Interviewee. And like any interview, you need to prep for this one as well. So, before you begin prepping about the questions or annoying about the Interview Officer, right here are a few matters you have to do. Remember, doing your homework is the key to success.
Prepare your File–neatly catalogued with each and every feasible file in location and marked
Though you would now not be asked for any documents, it is essential to ensure all the files are filed and catalogued (refer to the upcoming list of files to elevate during the interview)
Go through the Admission Essay or SOP you have submitted, the complete list of Universities and guides you had applied to
Thoroughly revise the path you have enrolled for, the kind of savings structures it has, the tenure, the college and the direction highlights – basically why you selected that specific university
Read up about the country you would be visiting, about the University’s records and the close by location
Go thru your Financial Documents to clearly apprehend how you would be paying for your schooling in the USA.


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