I'm willing to understand affordable B schools for MBA in Canada?

Asked by Shanthi Yadav over 1 year ago

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Vinamra Jain

Vinamra Jain

CSE undergrad student | Minor in Communication

Hello Shanthi, how are you doing?

So as you may know Canada itself is considered as one of the most affordable destinations to study for Indian students because the universities are very cost-friendly. I have tried to create a list of the best B-schools in Canada which are not just affordable but also provide quality education, because no matter what, the knowledge and skillset that you gain is what’s going to pay off. 

Affordable B-Schools for MBA in Canada

  1. Ivey Business School
  2. Rotman School of Management
  3. Queen's School of Business
  4. HEC Montreal
  5. Schulich School of Business
  6. Desautels Faculty of Management
  7. Sauder School of Business
  8. Alberta School of Business
  9. Beedie School of Business
  10. Edwards School of Business

While this is just a general list, you need to tell me more about your budget range and also about your profile. By doing that, I would be able to get a better understanding of what is the expense that you are targeting and what are universities you are eligible for.

It will eventually help us choose the right b-school together for you.

So let me know and I shall find the right information for you. 



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