I'm willing to study an Advanced Diploma in civil related courses?Can you give me the country and university options for it?

Asked by Hemanth Reddy over 1 year ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

An advanced diploma is considered equivalent to a bachelor's degree. They are not much different from regular diplomas. The significant difference lies in the course duration which generally goes six months longer than a diploma. If you are not aiming for a bachelor's and want a diploma instead, this is probably the best choice you are making.

I would recommend Canada to do your advanced diploma in civil related courses. Australia is also a good option, but Canada is much more enriched in the civil line of engineering. It is a significant contributor to Canada's economy. You will be more secure for jobs and career options. Canada also has the best engineering department in their university. Most of them are known for their unique, different academics. It's not just a safer pick but a lucrative one too. Canadian universities offer more significant ROIs even compared to some USA universities.

The course you're looking for is Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology. And for that, I have three options

1. Fanshawe College,
2. George Brown, and
3. Georgian College

George Brown University and Georgian College. These two will be the best if you specifically want more connection with the civil aspect. Their advanced diplomas are mainly designed for core areas of planning, design and construction. On the other hand, I would suggest Fanshawe College get into structural engineering concepts in the civil line. It will lead you to more creative careers. The College is more popular and recognized, and your diploma will have more impact.

There are many other options you can get. But it will only be safe if it fits your profile. It's a good sense if you analyze your eligibility to get the best options and I can surely help you with it. Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about it. 



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