I’m studying Horticulture and I'm confused which one to choose: MSc or MBA?

Asked by Pranati over 1 year ago

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Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Student at Shri Ram College of Commerce

Horticulture is a field that involves cultivating plants, food production, medical ingredients and many more things. These courses are mostly STEM-designated and involve research-based careers. Based on this information it is easier to make a decision whether you should go for an MSc or an MBA degree in Horticulture.

I would personally suggest you to go for an MSc Horticulture program in top universities abroad. As I mentioned, the post grad options like jobs and career in Horticulture are mostly research-based. MSc courses are very academic that focus on the subject knowledge more. With this you will be able to build good expertise on the subject itself and later on use it to your advantage.

If it was any other subject like finance, marketing or say supply chain, I would have suggested an MBA. Because MBA degrees are more inclined towards administrative and management aspects of the subject. These degrees focus majorly on exposure and giving value to the degree itself, not majorly on the subject.

MBA degrees are very good, sure, but for a Horticulture course, MSc is far better. But of-course if you are interested in the managerial line of work in Horticulture, go for an MBA. It really depends on the outcome you desire after graduation. I suggest going for an MSc degree and later on if you like, you can do  an MBA as well. Even an online mBA at that point will be good for your career development.

If you want some good university suggestions for this, I would be happy to help you. In fact, why don’t you try the FREE SCHOOL EXPLORE tool here. This will give you good university names for MSc in Horticulture based on your academic profile. Sounds good?



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