I'm planning to run a masters degree in gerontology. I have a degree in biochemistry and want to convert to BSc. Which course is best to convert to in order to enable me to go for Masters in Gerontology?

Asked by Faustina about 2 years ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

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An hnd degree is basically a level 5 qualification degree, the same as a bachelor's. So your choice for converting it to a bachelor of science is pretty understandable. It will gradually offer a more stable way to find masters in gerontology later. I would suggest you a Bachelor of Science in Applied Gerontology.

A BSc in Applied Gerontology is basically a way to find a diverse option in health and ageing. If you don’t know, the course prepares you for a wide range of careers in health, nutrition & dietetics, legal studies, communication sciences & disorders and social work. Generally speaking, a bachelor's must be a stepping stone to your masters. And having a broad bachelor's that gives many areas of access is a smart move.

To be blunt, science courses abroad are much more relevant in current times. This is because of the new constant developments in technology. The E-market is evolving and most jobs are shifting to computer applications. So if you pursue a masters abroad, later on, you will be more secure.

There are Master of Arts courses also available in gerontology. However, I would not recommend it too much. BSc degrees are better in finding bigger options for masters programs. An MA is fine as well but it does limit you to work in tech sectors. And healthcare plus ageing sectors are very diverse. With limited access, you will be forced to choose a given profession later after graduation.

So there you go, a BSc in Applied Gerontology is your answer. And if you want any information on the master's in gerontology you ask me. Recently I have been involved with health and ageing courses abroad, and so you can hit me up for any more information. 




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