I've just completed my graduation in Tourism and want to do an MBA in the same field. Please help with school suggestions.?

Asked by Nikhil Umap almost 2 years ago

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Ankur Chaudhary

Ankur Chaudhary

Following my Passion | Undergrad Student at SRM University , Batch '21

I know some excellent schools for MBA in tourism. But which location are you specifically looking for? Because there are some really good countries where you can do your MBA in tourism like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and France. Since you didn't mention a country, I assume you need help with that as well?

For my suggestion, I would recommend the USA. Definitely because of the business schools there. Not just MBA degrees but literally any MBA program is best to be pursued from the USA universities. You don't actually need a tourism background to do an MBA in the same. But since you already have the exact background, it will definitely help you in the admission process. Because compared to other applicants, you will have more relevant qualifications.

For all these reasons, I suggest looking for these universities in the USA -

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Central Florida
Purdue University
Temple University

I know some students who see these four university names will think that there are better options, such as business schools like Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia etc. And these are the best ones, no doubt, but for MBA in Tourism courses, in particular, they are not. The University of Nevada is one of the best ones globally. The other ones are also very popular ones for your selected program.

There are a lot more universities that you can target. But I suggest going for the very best ones, especially because it is an MBA degree that you want to pursue. The bigger the school name, the better your options after graduation. Plus, you can get into these universities with average GPA scores. USA universities look majorly for curricula and experience rather than test scores when it comes to MBA programs.

If you still feel that you need more information or guidance, I suggest you directly get in touch with Study Abroad Experts here. They will analyze your profile and will give you the most relevant information while also assisting you in the complete application process for FREE.


Hope this helps!



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