I'm interested in fashion as well as psychology....and I want to study abroad can you assist me on this?

Asked by Aditi Singh almost 2 years ago

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

Principal Product Manager Amazon

You can follow the extraordinarily prestigious universities abroad, get into them, learn about Psychology and fashion there and get well worth out of it.
Do it where it sincerely is in order, where it matters. 
In countries like the US, France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK, this scenario actually, and in its true sense, has A LOT of scope and future, in contrast to here.
People there admire the subject and understand its worth. They realise that Psychology and fashion a subject is equally difficult and vital as different subjects. 
That is why you will have a great future in this assignment if you pursue this from somewhere outside.  
Abroad, often in nations like the US, Canada, and the UK, you have heaps of opportunities for lookup as nicely as jobs in these challenge-related fields.
You can be a Professor in some Colleges after doing your required prerequisites. 
There are a lot of advantages to working in the trend designing industry. You are surrounded by using creativity. The profession is made simple for you if you are passionate about new garments and designs.
You can get a lot of affords and freebies in the fashion agency.

In which country you are looking for? 



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