Im doing my bachelors in computer applications (bca) so what should I do in master , as I’m wishing to study in usa , Canada , uk, Australia ( any one of these) help me finding best course n uni.?

Asked by Pzala over 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

Hey, I suggest you go for a Master’s in Computer Application. Computer Science and Applications is an ever-evolving field, and thus the demand for professionals adept with various techniques is in demand. Due to this, the job prospects for MCA graduates are innumerable and are available in both the public and private sectors. 

Here is a list of the Top Universities for MCA abroad - 

University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Mannheim
Stanford University
Harvard University
University of Waterloo
University of New Haven
University of Alberta
University of Melbourne
University of North Texas
Manchester University
 Here is the entry requirement every applicant has to meet before applying for the course:

Cleared class 12th with 50%
BCA degree with minimum 50%
2-3 letters of recommendation 
Work experience (if required by the University)
Statement of Purpose
Pursuing an MCA course will unlock the gates to various career opportunities. If you are still unsure about the relevant colleges, then don’t worry, you can get your profile evaluated here!


Anubhooti Dubey

Anubhooti Dubey

MentR-Me Team

Considering your background in Computer Applications, pursuing a master’s in either computer science or data analytics is a strategic choice. Each of the countries you're considering has standout programs.

In the USA, top-tier institutions like MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon are renowned for their computer science programs, offering extensive research opportunities and industry exposure. For data analytics, consider universities like Harvard or Columbia that offer robust programs focusing on big data and analytical skills.

In Canada, the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia excel in computer science research, particularly in artificial intelligence and machine learning. For data analytics, universities like McGill and University of Waterloo offer specialized programs with strong industry ties.

In the UK, universities such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge offer world-class education in computer science, with comprehensive courses that are highly recognized globally. The London School of Economics and Political Science is excellent for data science, focusing on the application of data analytics in various business and economic contexts.

Australia’s University of Melbourne and Australian National University provide high-caliber computer science programs. For data analytics, consider the University of Sydney or University of New South Wales, which focus on practical and theoretical aspects of data handling and analysis.

Each of these programs offers unique advantages, so I recommend focusing on specific areas of interest and potential research opportunities when making your choice.



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