I’m currently working in between I'm doing my MBA in India. Post-MBA I want to do a major’s in FINANCE in Canada. I have to give my IELTS. Is GRE also mandatory for a major?Is Canada better or the USA?Which has more opportunities and more pay.?

Asked by Deekshitha Modumudi over 2 years ago

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

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Hi Deekshitha. How are you?

I understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which country is best, which would provide more opportunities and then also find out their admission requirements. Don’t worry, we’ll take it bit by bit. You are already about to give your IELTS exam and I would suggest you give your best in it because a must-have requirement for all the top universities is a good score in IELTS/TOEFL. While they are just English proficiency tests, you would also require to give the GRE/GMAT to showcase your academic brilliance. 

Some universities accept only GRE, some accept GMAT or GRE and some have entirely waived off the need for any entrance exam. So first of all you need to pick the university that you wish to apply to and then check from their official website, what all scores do they require, and accordingly give those exams. 

Now coming towards which is better amongst the USA or Canada, it's undoubtedly the USA because of the pool of opportunities it provides. JP Morgan, the Mastercard industry and other big giants of the finance field, back upon the talented students from the USA. 

The USA is a hub of the most renowned universities with expert faculty so you would get an inside edge experience while your masters which will help you in scoring a more paying job. 

If you need any more assistance in shortlisting the best colleges and how you can apply to them, you can get in touch with experts at https://bit.ly/3zzeq0o 

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