I scored 83% in my class 10th board exams. However my marks took a dip in 12th board exams and I'm predicting somewhere around 73-76%. Can I still get into CS programs at good universities?

Asked by Shubham Verma over 1 year ago

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Manash Bhattacharjee

Manash Bhattacharjee

Second year Undergraduate Student at Loughborough University

Of-course you can. The 12th board result of 73-76% is not a bad score at all. I mean I know that the absolute best universities ask for near perfect GPAs, but  students lot less than your predicted scores go to good universities abroad. Be assured I have worked with many international students and I have seen many of them getting their admission letters with almost 65% CGPA.

I won’t just rant and go like your academics doesn’t matter. Beaue the first thing you will need to be eligible is your CGPA. But when you will apply to the foreign universities, you will see  that apart from your academics, rest also matters. For example, test scores, curriculars, community involvement etc. You have to prepare an overall profile to get admission into top-tier universities.

Computer science is an academic program. It means that your academics here will be a factor. But as I said, rest assured, universities like Michigan and Texas A&M accept around 3.0 GPA students if they have a good profile. Just keep an eye open and try to better your scores then prediction. Since your final score hasn't come yet, it is possible that you will score a bit higher.

My suggestion here would be to arrange all your curriculars and projects that you have been a part of. These things come really handy when you will apply for a bachelor program. In India it may not be valued as much but foreign universities are different. Also, you should avoid UK universities because they value academics more rnad curriculars less. USA or Canadian based universities are a better option for you.

If you want detailed help regarding your bachelor planning, I would suggest getting in touch with study abroad experts here for free. They are basically mastered in higher education planning and they help with anything related. You can have all your questions answered there plus all the planning and preparation of bachelors abroad.


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