I'm a food technology student and I'm in the final semester of my undergrad. What are the Food Technology related MS courses that I can do in Germany or New Zealand?

Asked by Libins Joseph almost 2 years ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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 It's good to know that you already have been preparing for your master's. And considering your choices of country, it seems you know your stuff. Germany and New Zealand have some good masters in food science. And in both cases, the universities that offer masters in the subject are pretty famous already.

Germany is probably the better one compared to New Zealand. At least in terms of degree and job opportunities. It will let you apply for a good position in the entire European industry easily. And Germany has some of the world's best universities. I would suggest opting for a master's degree in Germany if you do not have any specific plans for your career. I have picked the three best options for you in Germany for food technology masters- 

1. Master in Food System (MSc), EIT Food
2. Food Science and Engineering, University of Hohenheim
3. MSc Global Food, Nutrition and Health, University of Bayreuth

For New Zealand, I would not say it isn't good in any case. But the country is best for higher education for some specific reasons. If you are interested in postgraduate diplomas, I can assure you that New Zealand is the way to go. Top universities in the country offer quality postgraduate diploma courses in many fields. And University of Auckland, Otago and Canterbury are some names that everyone knows. That's why I have three suggestions for you from these three universities.

1. MSc (Research) - Food Technology, Auckland University of Technology
2. MAS in Consumer Food Science, The University of Otago
3. MSc in Biotechnology, University of Canterbury

These are some common suggestions based on these programs' overall ROI. It would be better if you had some directions to give in food technologies, for example, your choice of job profile, area of expertise, specialization etc. Share your preferences; if you want some specific information. I would be happy to help.




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