I'm a civil engineer and I want to do a master's in the Astronomy field. Can I get admission?

Asked by Sameer gaikwad about 2 years ago

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Of-course you can. Astronomy fields have many master courses that you can target in abroad countries. Civil engineers are very valued in top countries like the USA and UK. As an engineer, you have an advantage already because of your prior knowledge on technical subjects. Let's see how you can get admission.

All you have to do is manage the eligibility requirement and you can start applying for admission. However, first you have to select a country and a university of your choice. I’m sure you already have your eyes on a few. If not, I can suggest some if you can mention what are your interests. Anyway, back to the subject. Here is how you get admission in abroad for a masters in Astronomy course -


  • get an undergrad degree
  • gather academic transcripts (schools report, certificates and curriculars)
  • prepare necessary documents (ID, passport, photos etc.)
  • attempt GMAT/GTE test
  • attempt English language test (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • prepare your SOP, LORs and Essays
  • start applying to the official page of the program
  • fill application answer questions and click submit
  • wait for the university to respond (3-4 weeks)
  • get your admission letter

This is the entire procedure of getting into universities abroad. Just remember to take your test carefully. Because based on your grades, you can have better chances  of getting an admit from good universities. Also don't forget to start your scholarship and visa application once you receive your admission letter.

If you want a guide or experts., try getting in touch with study abroad experts here. The service is entry fee and doesn’t take a long time. With this you can get cleared on everything. If you need my assistance as well, just ask.


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