If I have a 3 years job experience at a reputed core company but no research experience will that help me in getting a MS in the ivy league schools?

Asked by Tojo Basu 9 months ago

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Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Work experience at a core company could have helped you a lot to get an admit into Ivy League School though a research sample carries more weightage there while getting an admit. Still let me just write down the eligibility criteria for getting into Ivy league colleges:

A bachelor degree for master level courses or a 10+2 equivalent degree for bachelor level courses
Around 4 GPA
SAT (1440 - 1570) or ACT (33 - 35)
GRE (155- 170 in quant and verbal) or GMAT or LSAT (173 and higher) or MCAT (36.6 and higher)
TOEFL (100 or higher) or IELTS (7.5 or higher)
At least 3 LORs
A resume (1-2 full page)
Professional portfolios
Sample of research proposal for Ph. D. and master-level courses
As you can see for urself that one of the most important factor of the eligibility criteria is the sample of research proposal. If you have any further questions just ask me.



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