If I am working with my graduation going on will the work experience be counted for my mba admissions?

Asked by Nandini about 2 years ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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Hey Nandini. How are you doing?

To answer your question, NO, if you are working along with your graduation, that won’t be counted in your MBA college applications. As far as I know, the work experience that you gain after completing your bachelor’s is what is counted as a legitimate work experience in MBA applications. 

I suggest you focus on your bachelors as of now because the GPA would definitely be a major factor in your applications. You can work alongside your graduation if you wish to acquire some skills and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it will make you more ready for your MBA by giving you industry insights, but from the application point of view, it won’t be counted.

Did this clear your doubt? If you have any specific university in mind, you can let me know and I’ll check the exact work ex requirement for that university. 



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