If a student scores more than 80% in their 12th grade exams, can they get scholarships For UK/Australian universities?Average IELTS score required for study visa?Time for my visa to get approved?

Asked by Arooj 9 months ago

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

MentR-Me Team

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Here is a list of scholarships that you can go for:

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships: These scholarships are available to students pursuing doctoral or research programmes in India. The various types of grants available through Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships cover full tuition, housing, and even international airfare. Doctoral students in their final year may also receive up to 10,000 GBP (10,32,000 INR).
Saltire Scholarships: The Scottish Government and Scottish universities offer these scholarships. This scholarship is available to international students studying science, technology, renewable and clean energy, creative industries, healthcare, and medical sciences. Scholarships are limited to a few countries, including India, Pakistan, the United States, Japan, China, and Canada. Each academic year, 50 people can apply for the Saltire Scholarships, which are worth 8,000 GBP (8,25,000 INR) and require them to study postgraduate master's programmes at any of the registered Scottish higher educational institutions.
Manmohan Singh, Dr Scholarships: St. John's College, University of Cambridge, has taken the initiative to cover the total expenses of deserving students. The fully-funded scholarship covers all expenses, including fees, travel allowances, visa costs, and miscellaneous expenses paid in monthly instalments. Indian students under the age of 35 with first-class degrees in graduate and postgraduate studies are eligible for the scholarships.
The minimum IELTS score for a UK student visa is 4.0 or higher in the Speaking and Listening sections, with the Reading and Writing sections being disregarded. You will receive confirmation that your visa application has been received when you apply. The processing time for a UK visa ranges from three weeks to six months, depending on which of the above categories you fall under. You will then receive a letter outlining the outcome of your application and outlining your next steps. If you have any further questions just ask me.



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